If you want to get more legal work done, off your plate, and out of the door in less time, consider dictation with jurisINK™ transcription services. You may be thinking, “Dictation? No way! I can type faster than I speak!” Well, you can’t. Add to the typing, the time it takes to locate and create a document from a standard form or template, save it in the correct network drive, or navigate to the appropriate spot in your law practice management software to enter the data, and you have certainly lost time.

Case in point. jurisINK™ recently helped an attorney who was spending 3-4 hours every week entering his time into the law firm’s time and billing system. Assuming a reasonable hourly rate of $200/hour, this attorney was spending $600-$800 worth of his time on a purely administrative task. By dictating his time entries and allowing jurisINK™ transcriptionists to type and enter them into the time and billing system, our client spent $60.00 on transcription services which gave him the opportunity to earn $600-$800 on billable client matters.

This significant “cost” savings is why we: (1) promote the use of dictation as a law practice management tool to help attorneys improve their daily productivity and efficiency; and (2) provide transcription services so you can get the work done without the need to hire a legal secretary.

Transcription services offered through jurisINK are performed by highly-qualified legal secretaries. Each transcriptionist has at least 25 years of experience as a legal secretary in a law firm setting and is familiar with various law practice management systems.

You don’t have to believe our hype about how dictation can improve your law practice. Tests have been conducted to prove it. Below are two recent articles about how dictation can improve your law practice. They are spot on.

Kowalski, Mitch. "Why lawyers might want to ditch typing for dictation." Financial Post, 15 January 2015.

Wangler, Eric. “Top Five Ways Lawyers Use Dictation Technology.” Attorney At Work. 4 August 2017.

The view that typing an email or developing documents via typing them into a computer is the most efficient use of a lawyer’s highly-valuable time is a fallacy, according to tests conducted by BigHand and Nuance.

“Tests show that lawyers are typically three times more efficient when verbalizing their ideas rather than typing them,” said Anthony Bleasdale, Director – Asia Pacific at BigHand said. “This is a significant result in an industry where time is money.”
— Mitch Kowalski, "Why lawyers might want to ditch typing for dictation," Financial Post, January 15, 2015

how it works

Using the transcription services offered through jurisINK™ is much easier than you think, which is why you should consider it.

Step 1: You dictate the information you would like typed (or entered into your law practice management software) using your dictaphone or a dictation application on your smart phone.*

Step 2: You email the recording to your jurisINK™ transcriptionist or upload it to a shared folder.

Step 3: Your jurisINK™ transcriptionist types it, and if applicable, e-mails it back to you.

Step 4: We invoice you at the end of the month for our transcription services.

* If you would like to use your smartphone as a dictaphone, we recommend the Dictate + Connect application for iOS and Android. Click here for more information.


Pricing for transcription services is based on the length of the recording so you will know and can calculate the cost before you send the work over to our team of transcriptionists. Our rates are itemized in the chart below:


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