jurisINK LLC is Celebrating its 6th Birthday!


Thank you to our clients, attorneys, vendors, family, and friends for your support and for making this vision a reality for me and my staff. In honor of our anniversary, I wanted to share a few fun facts about jurisINK LLC to encourage all you aspiring entrepreneurs out there to JUST DO IT!

1. When jurisINK LLC started in January 2013, our first office was the back bedroom of my friend/partner’s house in Olmsted Falls. We outgrew that space in 6 months. Our office is now in downtown Cleveland near the Flats.

2. We started with no clients, not one. All we had was passion for our novel business idea and the guts to take a chance. Now, we have supported, built, managed, marketed, and operated over 50 solo and small law firms.

3. During a conference call with our first potential attorney client (which was on speaker), my partner’s cat fell through a box in the room. We got the client anyway.

4. At the beginning, we had no staff. It was just me and my partner. Now, there are 8 of us and a law dog.

5. Our first proposed tag line was “We take the load. You take the lead.” After we ran around the room celebrating our branding brilliance, we realized that tag line probably wasn’t appropriate for an all female owned/operated business.

6. No one invested a single dollar to start jurisINK LLC  and we never borrowed any money. We financed our operation entirely on our own hustling and hard work and sustained it with sound business/financial practices.

7. The only service we offered at first was legal research and writing for other attorneys. We expanded and now offer that service plus contract document drafting, litigation document management, law practice management consulting, accounting, billing, marketing, transcription, managed IT and client file retention and archiving.

This is still only the beginning for us. Our core value of “Think big, dream bigger” is 100% in effect.

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