You can’t avoid technology in your law practice. Think computers, smart phones, tablets, cloud-based storage sites, electronic filing, accounting software, and online purchasing (just to name a few). Technology has become central to operating and managing law firms due, in large part, to the increasing use of electronic information. Regardless of the firm’s size, lawyers and law firms must use solid technology systems and solutions in order to get and keep clients and be competitive in the industry.

jurisINK™ has two governing IT philosophies for law firms:

  1. Have the right technology tools for your law practice in place from the beginning and review and update those tools periodically to make sure you are staying current; and

  2. Don’t wait for your IT system to “break” to fix it. Manage it to avoid the “breaks.” You either pay now to manage it, or pay more to fix it.

Following these principles, jurisINK™ provides customized information technology solutions to solo and small law firms so you can stop wasting time serving as your own IT professional and worrying about the adequacy of your current system, and instead, devote your valuable time to practicing law.

our services

jurisINK™ offers the following technology solutions for solo and small law firms:

  • Network Architecture and Implementation

  • Network Security

  • Server Maintenance

  • Cloud Application Integration and Support

  • Device and User Support

  • Remote Help Desk Support

  • Law Practice Management Software Consulting, Setup, Implementation, and Conversion.

must have technology tools for your law firm

At the 2018 CMBA Small & Solo Expo, jurisINK™ founder, Laura L. Volpini, gave a presentation on “Must Have Technology Tools for Your Law Firm.” This presentation covered the following topics: The “Basic” Technology, Law Practice Management Software, Cloud Servers, File Sharing Tools, Accounting & Finance Tools, Marketing & Business Development Tools, Video Conferencing Software / Applications, Legal Research Tools/Services, and Other Document Creation & Management Tools. If you would like a copy of the materials from this presentation, please complete and submit the “Request Information” form provided below. We would love to share our knowledge with you.





A 1998 graduate of John Carroll University, John Boustani is a knowledgeable and experienced IT professional with over 13 years of experience in IT consulting and managed IT services. John has provided many clients, including law firms, with the hardware, software, and IT services required to run their businesses seamlessly. Regardless of the unusual nature of the IT request or the demand for immediate attention, John is always a phone call (or email) away and has been touted by his clients as “the best in his industry.”

When he’s not working, John spends his time with his beautiful wife and handsome two boys. To learn more about John, we invite you to visit his LinkedIn profile.


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