Feeling overwhelmed by pages upon pages of litigation documents or the e-discovery rules, process and procedures? Worried you won’t have your document production submitted by the deadline or have your documents/exhibits ready for trial? Let us take over. jurisINK™ offers e-discovery and document management solutions to solo and small law firms so you can avoid the tedious tasks associated with paper or electronic document discovery, such as document review, redaction, bates numbering, and production.

Our services are driven by technology. We have access to cost-effective technology tools and partners. Using our hosting partners, we load litigation documents in a cloud-based document management platform which makes it easy to search and find documents without having to look through boxes or electronic folders of irrelevant documents. You can have the documents you need at your fingertips for discovery, depositions, motion practice, and trial. We also review, code, tag, and bates label documents, and produce them to opposing counsel. And, our litigation document management specialist attends trial and arbitration with our clients to manage exhibits as well as the logistics and technology associated with out-of-state witness attendance. Simply put, if you are a trial attorney, you will want to add us to your speed dial.

Representative work

  1. Document and exhibit management for a multi-million dollar case involving approximately 50,000 documents and 600 exhibits and attendance at arbitration to manage arbitration exhibits and connect out-of-state witnesses for virtual arbitration attendance through Skype and StarLeaf;

  2. Expedited document hosting, management, keyword searching and review for a business litigation matter involving over one million documents and one month before trial;

  3. Document hosting, review, bates numbering and production in an accounting malpractice action involving approximately 70,000 documents; and

  4. Document hosting, bates numbering and production in a business litigation case involving approximately 54,000 documents.


The rates for our services depend on the scope of the project and are quoted based on the individual needs and requirements of each client. If you would like additional information about our litigation document management services or would like to talk with one of our team members, please complete and submit the “Request Information” form below or call us at 216-367-5677.


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