The concept of jurisINK™ started while Laura L. Volpini, its co-founder, was managing a successful, boutique law firm in Cleveland, Ohio. In this role, Laura experienced first-hand the seemingly endless issue facing solo practitioners and small firms – that is, how to attract and retain experienced litigation associates while maintaining operational flexibility and maximizing profits. With a clear understanding of the demand for a cost-effective solution to this ongoing practice management problem, Laura joined forces with her partner and friend, Jennifer Rinkes, in 2013 and jurisINK™ was born. 

jurisINK™ originally started as a firm that provided on-demand legal associates to solo and small law firms. Legal research and writing was its core service. However, as Laura met with local lawyers, they made the same request: “we want you to help us manage our law practice.” So, in 2016, Laura expanded jurisINK™ and began to provide law practice management consulting services to assist attorneys with starting, building/re-building, and managing their solo and small law firms.

In 2017, Laura grew jurisINK™ by recruiting a “dream” team of business and administrative professionals. This expansion allowed jurisINK™ to deepen its outsourced business services and create a “one-stop-shop” where, in addition to on-demand legal associates, attorneys can also access back office support in the areas of accounting/bookkeeping, billing, marketing, IT, transcription, and client file retention.

The story does not end here. jurisINK™ is dedicated to discovering and exploring new business opportunities, developments, and trends in the legal industry with the hope of offering even better and more innovative services and solutions to solo and small law firms.


To increase the efficiency and profitability of solo and small law firms and improve the lives of the lawyers in them by offering outsourced legal and administrative professionals in each of the functional areas of the business.


To be the leader in outsourced legal and administrative services for solo and small law firms in the country.


TEAMWORK: There is no “i” in our team. We are family.

RESPECT: If you treat others the way you would like to be treated, everyone is happy.

PROBLEM SOLVING: Do not raise a problem unless you have identified a solution.

POSITIVITY: You are what you think.

HONESTY: Truthfulness is the only option.

RESPONSIBILITY: Everyone makes mistakes. It does not matter who is at fault. Just fix the problem.

HARD WORK: Hard work creates a significant competitive advantage.

AMBITION: Think big. Dream bigger.

INNOVATIVE: Business is dynamic. Always be looking for better, more efficient, and smarter ways to do the same work.

DILIGENCE: Bring your best self to your work every day otherwise it is not worth doing at all.

FUN: Fun and work can co-exist. At least it does for us.

CONTROL: God is always in control.