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Just wanted to tell you how amazing your services are! It is a game changer for small firms. I would never have been able to handle all that has been happening with my client’s case while keeping up with my other files without your help. I can’t thank you enough!

I have been sharing your information will all of my colleagues and will continue to do so.

Thank you for such an amazing service!
— Kim S. (Brunswick, OH)

We Help You Focus on What You Do Best: Practicing Law

JurisINK™ is a “one-stop-shop” for all your law firm needs.  Stop spending countless hours of your valuable time on lower-level legal and administrative task, and instead focus on what you do best and what earns you the most money: practicing law.  Let the experienced law practice professionals at jurisINK™ do the rest. Talk to one of our law practice professionals about how to incorporate the jurisINK™ “dream” team into your law firm by contacting our office today.

Gain Immediate Access to Experience

jurisINK™ revolutionizes law practice management by offering on-demand, experienced legal associates and administrative professionals to solo and small law firms. Stop the never-ending feeling of being overwhelmed by your cases and the additional administrative work required to properly run and manage your law practice. jurisINK™ is a call away.

Improve Operational Flexibility

When you hire a full-time associate attorney, legal secretary or administrative assistant, the natural ebb and flow of your legal practice inevitably leaves you paying for help when you do not require it. With jurisINK™, you pay for associate attorneys, secretaries, and assistants only when you need them. And, you get the same professional every time who learns and applies your style, techniques, practices, and procedures to every project and every task. Join forces with jurisINK™ and create the ideal practice.

Reduce Overhead

Legal associates and administrative professionals are expensive. Paying for the salary, bonus, medical insurance, retirement benefits, malpractice insurance, professional association/licensing fees, cell phone, parking, office space/furnishings, computer equipment, research subscription, continuing legal education, and support staff of a non-essential employee obliterates your bottom line. Utilize our services and convert this overhead to profit.

Maximize Profitability

You may be declining cases because you do not have the “manpower” to handle them. Not anymore. Take the next case and call jurisINK™. Not only will you increase your revenue by accepting more cases but, as long as certain ethical requirements are met, you are also permitted to upcharge our legal associate services to your clients (just as you would for a traditional legal associate). The result: jurisINK™ becomes a profit center for your practice.

Achieve a Work-Life Balance

Managing your law practice and simultaneously practicing law requires so much of your attention. These obligations become even more daunting when you add personal commitments and family emergencies to the equation. You do not want to devote the little time you have left to the time-consuming and tedious work typically performed by legal associates and administrative professionals. We do. Allow jurisINK™ to complete your delegable tasks while you focus on the responsibilities that only you can handle.

Blair Consulting could not have achieved the outstanding success in a hyper-complex 7-figure case against top-dog adversaries without [jurisINK’s] drive, strategic advice and case-handling expertise.  #TopLegalResource.
— Lauren B. (Chicago, IL)
Law Practice Management Consulting

You went to law school not business school. Unfortunately for you, law schools do not really teach the business of law. Remember, a law firm is a business first. The law is second. Start thinking of your law firm as a business. Start applying business principles to your law firm. And, start seeing “real” results. Led by our law practice management consultant and attorney, Laura L. Volpini, jurisINK™ offers law practice management consulting services to lawyers on a project basis. These services are designed to get solo and small firms to start thinking and acting like businesses by guiding, advising, implementing and executing “action” plans in each of the functional areas of business.

Legal Research & Writing

If you have a legal research/writing or litigation associate-level project that is nagging you or keeping you awake at night, we have the perfect solution: borrow one of our on-demand litigation attorneys. Our litigation attorneys have been mentored by, practiced with, and opposed some of the most formidable litigation lawyers. As a result of this invaluable experience, we are able to quickly pinpoint the pertinent legal issues in your case and efficiently deliver an excellent work product. Our colleagues recognized the benefit of having on-demand access to this level of experience and now you can too through jurisINK™.

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Contract Drafting

Struggling to meet your client’s deadline to have an agreement drafted, reviewed or revised? We have you covered. As solo practitioners and small law firms, you have the greatest, but not necessarily consistent, need for experienced corporate and transactional associates. Our highly-qualified attorneys draft, review and revise all types of corporate and transactional documents. The expense and logistics of hiring, training, mentoring, and retaining a less-experienced associate can be burdensome and, in some instances, cost-prohibitive. With jurisINK™, the experienced support you need to manage your practice lies at your fingertips and you only pay for the added help when you need it.

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Litigation Document Management

Feeling overwhelmed by pages upon pages of litigation documents or the e-discovery rules, process and procedures? Worried you won’t have your document production submitted by the deadline or have your documents/exhibits ready for trial? Let us take over. jurisINK™ offers e-discovery and document management solutions to solo and small law firms so you can avoid the tedious tasks associated with paper or electronic document discovery, such as document review, redaction, bates numbering, and production.

Accounting & Finance

Are you doing your own bookkeeping, serving as your law firm’s Chief Financial Officer, or using an inexperienced legal secretary or assistant to handle your firm’s finances? If so, consider using jurisINK™. Outsourced Financial Services offered through jurisINK™ is much more than a virtual bookkeeper. Think of jurisINK™ as your Accounting Department equipped with a Chief Financial Officer and Bookkeeping Professional all-in-one at a flat fee per month based on the average monthly volume of transactions. Our Outsourced Financial Services are designed to provide you with a highly-efficient accounting system which allows you (as a lawyer) to minimize the amount of time you spend on non-value added accounting tasks while maximizing the amount of time you spend performing the valued-added, revenue-generating tasks of practicing law and developing business. In the end, jurisINK™ operates as an extension of your law firm. It is a collaborative partnership. We are thrilled at the opportunity to join your team and take your law firm to the next level.

Billing & Revenue Management

If you are consistently getting behind in your billing or collections and want to improve your monthly cash flow, jurisINK™ is the answer. Outsourced Billing Services offered through jurisINK™ is much more than a virtual billing assistant. Think of jurisINK™ as your Billing Department equipped with a Billing Manager and Billing Specialist all-in-one at a flat fee per month based on the average monthly invoices sent to your clients. Our Outsourced Billing Services are designed to provide you with a highly-efficient billing system which allows you (as a lawyer) to minimize the amount of time you spend on non-value added billing and AR tasks while maximizing the amount of time you spend performing the valued-added, revenue-generating tasks of practicing law and developing business. The integrity, consistency, and reliability of our services will make you regret not hiring us sooner.

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If you want to get more legal work done, off your plate, and out of the door in less time, consider dictation with jurisINK™ transcription services. You may be thinking, “Dictation? No way! I can type faster than I speak!” Well, you can’t. Add to the typing, the time it takes to locate and create a document from a standard form or template, save it in the correct network drive, or navigate to the appropriate spot in your law practice management software to enter the data, and you have certainly lost time. jurisINK™ promotes the use of dictation as a law practice management tool to help attorneys improve their daily productivity and efficiency and we provide transcription services so you can get the work done without the need to hire a legal secretary.


Not sure what marketing you should (or should not) be doing to promote your law practice? Luckily, we do. jurisINK™ offers comprehensive marketing services, solutions and strategies designed to assist lawyers and law firms in achieving their growth and revenue goals. We assist our clients with marketing plans & campaigns, branding, creative services, event & trade show management, online marketing, photography, videography, web design & development, and social media marketing. We look forward to meeting you and crafting smart strategies, sophisticated design and innovative marketing technology customized to meet your needs.

Managed IT Services

You can’t avoid technology in your law practice. Think computers, smart phones, tablets, cloud-based storage sites, electronic filing, accounting software, and online purchasing (just to name a few). Technology has become central to operating and managing law firms due, in large part, to the increasing use of electronic information. Regardless of the firm’s size, lawyers and law firms must use solid technology systems and solutions in order to get and keep clients and be competitive in the industry. jurisINK™ provides customized information technology solutions to solo and small law firms so you can stop wasting time serving as your own IT professional and worrying about the adequacy of your current system, and instead, devote your valuable time to practicing law.

Client File Retention & Archiving Services

If your closed client files are piling up in your office or are taking up valuable space on your data storage system, it may be time to develop, implement, and execute a client file retention and archiving policy for your law firm. Do not worry if you don’t have the time to do it. We do. To get you started, the law practice professionals at jurisINK™ will provide you with an ethically sound, written client file retention policy, a closed file checklist, and closed file reports. Then, using a combination of qualified jurisINK™ team members and document archiving vendors, jurisINK™ will close and archive your paper and electronic files. By using our services, you will not only free up space in your office and on your server, but also in your life,


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